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The Rise of Niche Content

Scan the magazine rack of your local newsagent, and you might just notice an increase of magazine titles and annuals tailored for very specific readers. Niche content is on the rise, with publishers and brands tapping into a specific content type to garner a huge following.

Content written for mass audiences is like junk food. It’s just not satisfying. Readers are connecting with crafted stories that offer a deeper engagement and a load more taste.

Take Tom Tom Magazine for instance. Launched in 2009, this NYC publication is the only magazine in the world dedicated to female drummers. Each issue aims to raise awareness, spruik the fun of drumming, and create a community for girls to learn and connect with each other.

The publishers saw a gap in content and used their authentic voice to fill it. Six years on, Tom Tom is published four times a year and distributed in the United States, Europe, Australia, South America and Japan. Both their international subscribers and readership continue to grow.

Choosing a niche story for your brand doesn’t mean it has to be narrow. Hone in on a unique message by considering the following:



Niche Down

Choose a smaller subset of your subject matter to further specialise in.

Example: Treadlie caters to cyclists, but in particular, those with a keen eye for designer bikes and accessories.

Niche Across

Choose an attitudinal approach to your subject matter.

Example: Ladies of Leisure is an annual zine celebrating the strengths, weaknesses and hurdles of young female creatives.

Niche Together

Merge two or more niches together. The unique combination that results will become its own niche.

Example: Lucky Peach is a publication that has paired long-form food articles with explorations into unusual travel hotspots.

Remember, you’re much more likely to resonate in a niche than you are in a general market. Celebrate a subculture and become the authority on a subject. You’re guaranteed to create anticipation for your next article, blog post or magazine issue.