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Girl Talk

A kitchen tea is a pre-wedding ritual to stir up a lifetime of happy cooking. Traditionally, guests assemble in the kitchen to shower the bride-to-be with kitchen gadgetry and gimmickry. This is a subdued version of the hen’s party, but we think there’s plenty of room to liven things up with cheeky humour and sassy, sweet indulgences. 

These five recipes are a mischievous twist on vintage baked favourites; a nod to endless daydreaming and hours of phone conversations with your BFF. Turn your kitchen tea into a girl’s only zone, ripe for excited chatter and cherished heart-to-hearts. Collaborate on the recipes together for a deliciously messy group activity, or prepare ahead of time to spoil your number one posse. 

Recipes featured:

  • Tutti Frutti Frozen Sandwich
  • Diamond Ring Doughnut
  • Banana Split Trifle
  • Iced VoVo Yo-yos
  • Lemon Sherbet Tart 

Photography by Mia Mala McDonald