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Bedroom Trends

Before you hibernate through the cooler months, give your bedroom a makeover full of the latest looks and plushest accessories. Sleeping quarters steeped in stylish TLC will reward you with maximum comfort. Let's dissect the latest trends of the season.

Midnight Blue & Co. 

Indigo, ink and charcoal are the dark and fashionable shades of the moment. Where they might seem sombre for living spaces, they’re perfect for cocooning yourself in a cosy bedroom. 

The trick is to introduce contrasting colours, like salmon pink blushes or chartreuse green pops. These fun shades will add depth and break up a colour block effect.

Cosy Minimalism

Sleek lines and uncluttered styling is still very popular for bedrooms. Compact arrangements on bedside tables, a modest reading corner and a single large artwork is all that’s required for your sleeping domain.

When purchasing artwork, choose pieces that speak to you, offer you something inspirational, or that will set a tone for the bedroom.

Warm up this bare palette by playing with textures and little luxuries. Think about deep carpet, velveteen wallpaper or a heater, to transform your room into an intimate, cosy space.


For warmth and fashion, layering is the best way to shape your bed into a heavenly getaway. Add a base layer of an electric blanket then build upon that with linen sheets, a quilt, blanket and a decorative throw.

Play with fibres and fills through each of the layers to add a variety of touch.  Choose either down or cotton for the quilt and a fleece or cashmere for the top layers.


Likewise, hanging pendants, lamps and ceiling lighting can all work together to build up various visuals and add interest to a bedroom. 


This season, play with vintage paisley or geometric details in your bedding, curtains, rug or carpet to help combat against a bulky patchwork effect of colours.

Remember, patterns and repetition can be found in the small details of your fabrics. Chunky cable knit pillows or pom-pom trimmed blankets are both perfect examples.


Bamboo fibres, organic cotton and ethically sourced décor are easy to find these days and hugely popular for use throughout the home. A clear conscience and a feeling of giving back to communities is the best preparation for a good night’s sleep too.

Other eco trends include utilising naked wood in a rustic headboard or side table, or exposing floorboards to their unvarnished glory. These looks are long-lasting and recall the romance of New York living, with a dash of 70s aesthetics.